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О городе Административный центр - город Асино. Получил статус города в 1952 г.
О районе В состав муниципального образования «Асиновский район» входят 1 городское поселение и 6 сельских поселений, объединяющих 40 населенных пунктов.
О сельском хозяйстве Основные сельскохозяйственные угодья располагаются в речной части района и широкой пойме р. Чулым.

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The municipal formation «Asinovsky district» is situated in the south-eastern part of Tomsk region.

The district borders on:

  • Zyryansky district in the south-east;
  • Tomsky district in the south-west;
  • Molchanovsky district in the north-west;
  • Pervomaisky districts in the north-east.

The boundaries of the municipal formation are confirmed by the Law of Tomsk region of 09.09.2004 ўа 193-03 «Of status allotment of municipal district, community (urban, rural) and boundaries establishments of the municipal formation on the territory of Asinovsky district».

The geographical position of the Asino town is very favourable. The town is situated 100 km far away from the regional center-Tomsk and is its suburb. There are all kinds of transport services: river transport, railway and highway. The total area of this district is 5943,3 km2.

As for geographical position, the territory of the municipal formation «Asinovsky district» is situated on the Priarginskaya sloping plain which is the zone of steep immersion of ancient structures of Kuznetsky Alatau. The relief of the territory of the district represents gently sloping and hilly plain with the absolute points from 100 to 182 meters above the sea level.

The municipal formation «Asinovsky district» as well as the whole south-eastern part of Tomsk region is characterized by the calm seism city with the maximum earthquakes to force 5-6.

The climate of this district is continental with a cold long winter and short summer. The average annual temperature
is -0,7o. The absolute temperature minimum is in January and is -55o, the absolute maximum is in July and is +36o.
The fall-out of precipitations is not uniform during the year. The precipitations make 500mm for a year. The most of them fall in a warm season. There are 200 days with snow cover.

Contact information:

Address: 636840, Tomsk region, Asino town, Lenin Street, 40
Telephone (Fax): (8-241) 2-32-93